Wedding vehicles. What better way to transport EVERYONE from the alter to the reception?

From a 21 seat Mini bus to a 61 seat coach.. or better yet... our 24 seat 11 berth luxury "sleeper coach" We've got you covered.

Want to make a REAL entrance?? 

How about a 14.5m limousine? Our recently converted 64 seat coach is now a super luxury 24 seater and available for your wedding...Converted for the ROLLING STONES "14 ON FIRE" tour It boasts custom leather lounges..Mini bars, big screen LED 3D tv's and an awesome sound system!.You can get the party started before you even get there!


We all want our wedding day to be the one everyone talks about for years to come... THIS is a sure fire way to do it..It really is the best way to arrive in style....