Calypso Coaches takes it's passenger safety very seriously.

This is shown by our incident free 18 years in operation.

 Our buses are maintained to a standard that well exceeds the requirements laid down by QLD transport. All our buses are speed limited to 100kmh and our drivers are chosen for their professional attitudes. 


All  our coaches are fitted with retractable over the shoulder seat belts as standard. Other buses have lap seatbelts as a minimum.  "Why do we need them? buses never had them before" True, but cars didn't have them before either and who would think about driving a car without one now?   

New laws require 5 point harnesses for children up to the age of 7 in cars.


The controlled crash test video below is a great illustration of what can happen in a bus during a roll over, both with and without seat belts.


You can imagine what would happen if they were standing in the isle in even a minor crash....

We also offer -Truck and Bus Repairs and Servicing

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- Filters / Lubes / Tyres / Parts

- AC Repairs, Auto Electrical

- General repairs, crash repairs, fabrication