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You can't change the price of fuel...But you can change how much you use!

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Apart from preventing wear and reducing costly maintenance, Bi-Tron's new age technology could save you as much as 20% or more on fuel bills and reduce harmful exhaust emissions from your engine by as much as 90%. Paying for itself over and over again.

"With fuel prices well over $1.00 per litre I find it hard to believe that some people still don't use Bi-Tron... You can Save your Machinery and Engines from wear, plus Save money on Fuel. Why wouldn't you try it"?

20% of $1.00 = 20 cents per ltr.

(I've seen people queue for miles to save4 cents a litre)

If you treated 20,000 litres of fuel it would take a bit less than 20 litres of fuel conditioner, but for this example lets round it off and under estimate our calculations.

20 litres Fuel Conditioner = $770.00 (less if buying bulk)

$1.00 per litre for fuel (you wish) = $20,000.

Ok, now suppose your vehicle was a 'Hippo' (That's short for Hipp 'O' Crap) and you only saved half the average amount of fuel 10% (not 20%) Then that $770.00 would make you $2,000.00 in saved fuel costs alone. (20% would be $4,000.00).

Try investing $770.00 in the bank and see what the returns are?

Apart from that saving you are protecting your vehicle from major wear and tear and keeping the fuel system clean.

Oh yeah, dont forget to take out $21.00 every 16,000 kilometres (average car) for engine treatment and $30.00 to do the gearbox, diff and steering as well. Now your vehicle is fully protected and you are saving heaps of money.


Now, tell me, why you are not using Bi-Tron?