Calypso is a truly Australia Wide company with it's heart in North QLD. If you are looking for coach hire in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane , Adelaide , Perth or even Darwin! Calypso can deliver.

Looking for bus hire Cairns? Or bus hire Townsville? Or bus hire  North Queensland?.. Or perhaps Sleeper coach, Band tour bus, land yacht hire?

Australia wide...  You've come to the right place! Just looking for bus hire prices?,. We have some of the best prices around. Calypso Coaches can provide minibus, bus and coach charter to suit every one from  VIP corporate transfers to school excursions. Tailored tour and transport solutions are a specialty. As one of the largest locally owned bus companies in North Queensland we really know the area. Our VIP coaches are ideal for luxury travel. We do mystery tours and road trip adventures all over Australia, just ask us to tailor a coach charter package for you.

Latest news

Sleeper Coach

We are proud to anounce the unveiling of our flagship sleeper coach "Optimus"


Our recently converted 14.5m 64 seat coach is now a 24 seat 11 berth luxury "Sleeper Coach" or "Band Bus".

This vehicle was converted for the ROLLING STONES "14 ON FIRE" tour and is now available for general hire. In true Land yacht style it boasts custom made leather lounges, a kithenette, toilet and shower, 42inch and 30inch LED 3D smart tv's, wifi and Xbox 360. Check out the "Sleeper coach." page for photos.

"Startupbus" Pacific

Calypso Coaches was proud to provide our new sleepercoach"Optimus" for the very first "Startupbus" Australia. The 3 day trip starting in Sydney and going via Melbourne, Canberra and returning to Sydney has been hailed a great sucess by participants of this unique event. 

The concept is simple.. The results extraordinary.

You take a group of very bright and motivated tech heads on a bus for 3 days. Their goal is to form groups, come up with a new business idea, work out the details/structure, crunch the numbers and pitch the idea at the end of the trip to Potential venture capitalists and investors. (in this case the "Sydstart" conference in Sydney) A daunting task in itself but to do so with an idea just 3 days old (or less) on minimal sleep is impressive. Calypso Coaches offers big "Well done"  to the teams with particular mention of the "People of the sun" group who not only took out the "Startupbus" competition but also won the "peoples choice" award at the Sydstart conference! Their business has already attracted impressive investment funds and is set to do well.

You'll find links to the "Startupbus" facebook page and website on our Facebook page.http://www.facebook.com/coolcoaches


Calypso is proud to have provided coach transport for the upcoming channel 9 series of "When love comes to town". Filmed accross Australia starting in Margret river WA, the new series is set to do well. Keep an eye out for the big black coach which was supplied and converted by us especially for the series.

Event management


We also provide event management, corporate team building and rewards holidays.

"Go home with stories of a North Queensland adventure your friends will have never dreamed of"

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  • Elandra Resort
Mission beach tourism

Proud to be a member of Mission Beach Business and Tourism

Bi-Tron Logo

You can't change the price of fuel...But you can change how much you use!

Contact Calypso Coaches for more information and prices on the Bi-Tron range of products.

Apart from preventing wear and reducing costly maintenance, Bi-Tron's new age technology could save you as much as 20% or more on fuel bills and reduce harmful exhaust emissions from your engine by as much as 90%. Paying for itself over and over again.

"With fuel prices well over $1.00 per litre I find it hard to believe that some people still don't use Bi-Tron... You can Save your Machinery and Engines from wear, plus Save money on Fuel. Why wouldn't you try it"?

20% of $1.00 = 20 cents per ltr.

(I've seen people queue for miles to save4 cents a litre)

If you treated 20,000 litres of fuel it would take a bit less than 20 litres of fuel conditioner, but for this example lets round it off and under estimate our calculations.

20 litres Fuel Conditioner = $770.00 (less if buying bulk)

$1.00 per litre for fuel (you wish) = $20,000.

Ok, now suppose your vehicle was a 'Hippo' (That's short for Hipp 'O' Crap) and you only saved half the average amount of fuel 10% (not 20%) Then that $770.00 would make you $2,000.00 in saved fuel costs alone. (20% would be $4,000.00).

Try investing $770.00 in the bank and see what the returns are?

Apart from that saving you are protecting your vehicle from major wear and tear and keeping the fuel system clean.

Oh yeah, dont forget to take out $21.00 every 16,000 kilometres (average car) for engine treatment and $30.00 to do the gearbox, diff and steering as well. Now your vehicle is fully protected and you are saving heaps of money.


Now, tell me, why you are not using Bi-Tron?